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Foshan gaoneng food additives co.,LTD formerly known as state-owned enterprises, foshan city, foshan food import and export group company subordinate enterprise Foshan gaoneng baking powder factory, founded in 1989.The company is located in land and water transportation is convenient, economic prosperity, the forefront of reform and opening-up in guangdong foshan.Is a company specializing in the production of compound with raising agent (powder) of domestic well-known production and processing enterprises, its own brand - "real" brand series of products, "earth" brand series of products, the label "month" brand series products in domestic sales in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and have a higher status in the industry.At the same time also for the domestic and foreign many well-known brand OEM.Enterprise has a 60% share of export products, exported to Hong Kong, macau, Europe and the United States, Australia, Africa, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.In 2014, guangdong point greats "He Shihuang" masters together to create the cantonese dim sum professional activity - "big" cup salute to guangdong master points.
1, size, and history
Company which was established in 1989, foshan Foshan gaoneng baking powder factory, foshan buddhist city, is a state-owned enterprises, foshan food import and export group corporation subordinate enterprises;
The expansion of the reform in 1998 in foshan city nanhai district pingzhou industrial park;
Upgrade the enterprise garden expansion in 2007;
In October 2012 companies for industrial upgrading move to three mountain industrial park, located in nanhai district, foshan city, foshan city, was renamed high-energy food additive co., LTD.
In October 2015, the company in order to further improve production capacity and scale, in the kiln Li Gang development zone, located in nanhai district, foshan city, and assembly line ten thousand metric tons of baking powder production and processing, date processing amount of baking powder of 50 tons (equivalent to the complete course of a day, 3 x20 'shipping ordinary cabinets production), the annual output of 10000 tons.
2, the technical level
The company covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, building area of 5000 square meters, staff more than 50 people, all kinds of production testing equipment more than 50.The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment, high technology content, automated processing, fully enclosed pipeline operation, product quality conforms to the standard at home and abroad.For development needs in 2008 through the ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification and HACCP system, further improve the competitiveness at home and abroad.Has passed the SGS (sgs-cstc standards technical services co., LTD.), food and drug administration, foshan city, foshan city quality supervision and inspection center, the south China sea entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the inspection certification, all products comply with national and international quality certification standards and requirements.

3, the future development
In the future the company will be in the traditional baking powder production, sales and technology on the basis of further development and promotion of cantonese dim sum of material and technical innovation, make great contribution to guangdong point culture, make become the benchmark for the food industry.

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